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We are a software studio specialized in Blockchain, Machine Learning and UX

Product, security and business development, providing insightful interdisciplinary guidance through diversity and inclusivity, from the tech stack to design, auditing, communication and geopolitical hedging

We design, build and maintain a range of projects, from proof of concept and the minimum viable product to scaling

In 2009 we started developing mobile apps using a hybrid approach of native and web code. They reached more than 2 million downloads with freemium monetisation and 40 thousand daily users at peak usage. Due to the overall market conditions, we had to pivot and created a market-making Bitcoin arbitrage bot in 2013.

Our endeavour has always been bootstrapped due to the lack of venture capital in Brasil. In 2016 we started working as an outsourced contractor to foster our local community and finance our most ambitious products keeping us autonomous with skin in the game. An organic self-sustaining organization that doesn't have to act as a self-harming predator growing at all costs in order to have a return on investment.

Channeling our energy on the grassroots Web3 movement that doesn’t foresee the manufactured consent of centralized trickle-down policies as an existential panacea

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Full-stack platform development, creation of interactive environments that integrate social, digital and physical systems

Our background is on Solidity, Javascript, Python, Java, TensorFlow, NoSQL, Node.js, Django.py, React, Vue, IPFS and containers. We assess the trade-offs of each approach and create a solution that satisfies by bringing a delightful and intuitive experience that resonates with the end user. By solving a real problem and being laser focused on a valuable and measurable outcome, the service exempts itself from the need of growth hacking because it naturally thrives, being propelled by self-reinforcing network effects.

The real potential of the web as an information tool is been underachieved. Innovation and the mass adoption of disruptive technology reside in our hands to create and consume at will. We are, for better or for worse, always on. And this is both part of the problem and part of the solution for how we evolve as individuals and as an information society in the age of integral syncretism.

Doiim's vision flourishes at the intersection of design and technology. Holistic, agnostic and accessible jobs packed with new engaging UI paradigms for (d)apps, DAOs, crypto, AI, web, chats, games, social, media, bots, fintech, adtech, healthtech and investing.